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Protecting heritage for more than 50 Years

At the Willunga Branch of the National Trust, our guiding purpose is: “to protect and conserve South Australia’s natural, built and cultural heritage”. Our vision is to promote “a community that values and enjoys its heritage as a living part of who we are”. We promote and celebrate our heritage and history with a series of activities and programs. We are advocates for the protection of our heritage. We build, retain and communicate knowledge of the past.

Our district is rich in history, and there are many interesting stories from the past. You can visit our museums and learn about the Willunga slate industry when we had the only quarries producing roofing slates in Australia. Find out about the Mounted Police stationed at the Willunga Courthouse Reserve, the variety of cases that they investigated, and the people they arrested. The Courthouse Reserve is a place where you can enjoy a picnic next to our permanent creek or under the gum trees. Walk through the remnant vegetation of the nature reserve and visit the site of the Government Hut.

Two police officers riding white horses.
Two students from Willunga National Trust are writing using chalk.

And... there is more!

The Bassett Boys’ Schoolroom houses our school’s program and artefacts related to 19th-century education. Learn about the quirks of Mr. James Bassett and how children experienced education in the past. Walk behind the schoolroom and visit the Wirra Creek Community Garden. The garden is a welcoming place where activities relating to gardening and wellness occur.

Waverley Park Homestead houses our heritage art exhibition and is a venue for our events. Heritage art depicts features of built heritage in our area, providing a new way to connect and understand our rich legacy of the past.

Participate in our heritage and art walks to learn more about this fascinating area. Visit our research archives and library to find out about local places and local people. We are a volunteer organisation and always need people with different experience to help us with our projects and activities. And, of course, donations are very welcome.

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Become a volunteer and engage in a fascinating effort to keep the Willunga District’s incredible history alive for generations to come.

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