Policy Number 003
Version 2.1
Approved by NTSA Council on 6 May 2021
Review Date: 2024

Intent of the Code
The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to outline the requirements for all members of the National Trust of South Australia (NTSA) workforce1 as a state of commitment to embracing, maintaining and underpinning a Code of Conduct benchmark for its staff, volunteers and elected officials.

The National Trust of South Australia appreciates and relies on the services provided by its staff, volunteers and elected officials. The organisation is committed to providing to all of its workforce a respectful, fair and safe working environment, free from harassment, discrimination, intimidation and bullying. The NTSA will observe, practise and maintain standards of excellence in conduct of all of its dealings and activities.

The NTSA Code of Conduct prescribes the level of professional conduct and behaviour expected of its workforce.

Code of Conduct Principles
The NTSA workforce will be guided by the following principles of ethical practice in all areas of their work:

  • Respect Individuals – everyone has a right to self-determination and responsibility for making decisions. We will respect others’ views, listen to their opinions and give due weight to their decisions/method of decision making. We will be courteous towards our public stakeholders.
  • Be considerate – we will consider the wellbeing of others, including our public stakeholders.
  • Be fair we will act in the best interests of our NTSA workforce and public stakeholders without discrimination.
  • Promote wellbeing -we will treat people in such a way that supports their social, physical and psychological wellbeing.

Application of the Code
All workforce members will be required to sign an agreement of adherence to the Code of Conduct, undertaking to:

  • Comply with all relevant and applicable NTSA policies and procedures
  • Make decisions that are just, fair, consistent, impartial, based on merit and in accordance with the law
  • Ensure a safe and healthy workplace by identifying potential hazards, not working under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and reporting incidents in accordance with NTSA procedures
  • Ensure an harassment and bully-free workplace
  • Take responsibility and undertake their work in accordance with their role description
  • Actively communicate with people politely, respectfully, appropriately and convey a positive attitude
  • Deal with issues and problems promptly and effectively
  • Respect the differences that individuals bring to a team and be a positive team member
  • Embrace the positive culture of NTSA
  • Uphold ethical conduct through trustworthiness, integrity, honesty and good character
  • Be committed to continuous improvement and professional development, while taking pride in their work
  • Commit to working cooperatively to achieve NTSA’s strategic goals
  • Not discredit NTSA or otherwise bring it into disrepute, and
  • Promptly notify, and follow NTSA procedures in respect of any complaint or allegation of corruption, harassment, maladministration, serious wastage, including any reportable misconduct.
  1. Definition of ‘workforce’: any person undertaking work for the NTSA as an employee, volunteer or elected official. This does not include persons engaged under service contracts ↩︎

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