Dog attack in High Street in 1867

Event Dates:

2 August 1867

LOCAL COURTS Willunga: Friday, 20 September 1867. MALONEY v HALL.

Information under Dog Act for allowing a ferocious dog to rush out and wound Robert Blackhall the infant son of Mrs Winifred Maloney of Willunga. Defendant pleaded not guilty. From the evidence in this case it appeared that on August 2nd Robert Blackhall was in the main street opposite defendant’s house at Atkinson’s Bakery, 44 High Street, when a large Newfoundland dog rushed at him and bit him in several places and greatly frightened the boy. That defendant’s mother and her daughter seeing the dog rush at the child called it off, but the child had been then bitten and a good deal frightened.

Dr. Richard Jay was called in and prescribed for the child. Subsequently Dr. Mackintosh, as Medical Officer for the Destitute Poor of the District, took charge of the case. The Court considered the charge proved, and fined defendant £2, and costs £1 17s.


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