Highway Robbery

Event Dates:

A Boy Bushranger Operating At Willunga  Holds man up with pea rifle.  Report from The Advertiser July 27th 1922.  Reports reached Adelaide on Wednesday concerning the exploits of a boy bushranger near Willunga. It is stated that a lad, about 15 years, who had been staying in the city for some time had become imbued with the spirit of the boy bushrangers who were recently captured in Victoria. Returning to his home near Willunga, he secured a pea rifle and immediately went on the trail. He did not travel far along the main road to Victor Harbor before seeing a man. He challenged him to put up his hands, and in a few seconds the boy had relieved the victim of 28/-, and made off into the hills towards Mount Compass. A search is being made for the youth.  The man held up was Mr.F.deCaux, a farmer, who was driving a horse attached to a cart. The incident happened at the top of the Willunga Hill, about a mile from the township. It is reported that the boy has 100 rounds of ammunition with him.


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