Motor car kills boy in High Street in 1930

Event Dates:

February 21, 1930

In Feb 1930 a boy, aged six years, was killed at Willunga, on Thursday afternoon, through being hit by a motor car. Colin Henry Atkinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Francis (Frank) Atkinson, of Willunga, dashed out from behind a lorry, which was being drawn by a six-horse team, driven by Mr. Clement Martin of Willunga.  He ran into a motor car, driven by Mr. W. H. Yon, of Southwark, engine driver, employed by the Railways Department, which was travelling in the opposite direction. Colin was struck on the head by the right mudguard of the car. He was knocked to the ground and killed instantly. It is understood that the car was travelling about 10 miles per hour. Mounted-Constable A. J. Copeland took charge of the body, and prepared a report for the Coroner. An inquest was deemed unnecessary.


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