Willunga Hill accident results in woman’s death in 1927

Event Dates:

18 December 1927

A motor lorry containing 14 people overturned on the Willunga Hill on Sunday, 18th December 1927. The lorry went out of control overturned on the Willunga Hill about 6.30pm on Sunday evening when the brakes failed to act. The lorry somersaulted after the passengers had been thrown out and was completely wrecked.

Two of the passengers, Mrs. Edith Bevan, aged 53 years of 22 Walsh Street, Southwark, and Mr. Alexander McRobb, senior, of Richmond, were seriously injured, with both having suffered concussion. Mrs Edith Bevan was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital where it was found that she had sustained a fractured skull, concussion, and internal injuries. She died of her injuries at 9.30am the next morning.

The City Coroner Dr W. Ramsay Smith subsequently decided that an inquest was unnecessary concerning the death of Mrs Edith Bevan (53), of Southwark, as a result of the motor accident at Willunga.


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