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The wreck of “Tigress” in 1848

Willunga Hill accident results in woman’s death in 1927

Fatal Gun accident in Willunga in 1884

Bush Fire at Willunga 1874

Opening of Willunga Railway in 1915

“Star of Greece” shipwreck in 1888

Motor car kills boy in High Street in 1930

Dog attack in High Street in 1867

Gold Fever at Willunga in 1852

Miss Thorne preaches at Willunga in 1871

Capture of the “Boy Bushranger” in 1922

Riding fatality at Willunga in 1897

Died by the “visitation of God” in 1843

Murder in Willunga in 1855

Assault with Intent to Rape in 1846

Earliest death in Willunga in 1840

Accidental death when blasting a tree in 1841

Death of the landlord of the ‘Bush Inn’ in 1849

Horse and cart accident causing death in 1850

Insanity at Willunga in 1848

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