Visit the Willunga Courthouse & Slate Museums at 61 High Street, Willunga

Museums open: Every first Saturday and third Sunday of the month from 1-4 pm. Closed for the winter through June, July and August. Free admission!

Group tours are available for social and service clubs of between 10 and 35 people. Your tour can include a mock trial. Contact us for details.

Willunga National Trust Courtyard Museum.
Two people standing in front of the old heritage Willunga structure.

Willunga Courthouse and Police Station Museum

The Courthouse and Police Station tell the story of law and order in the Willunga District, which includes Aldinga, Port Willunga, McLaren Vale, and surrounds. View the equipment used by the mounted police in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Engage with the famous police who served here and see how archaeological investigations have shed light on the past. See the dents in the courtroom floor where the accused shuffled their feet. Read about the heroism of Mounted Constable Tuohy, who was stationed here, and the residents of Port Willunga during the rescue of Star of Greece shipwreck survivors. The shipwreck’s cell tells the story of the Star of Greece shipwreck and other wrecks on our coast. Who was detained in our cells? Come and see! Walk into our holding cell and imagine spending the night on the cold, hard bench.

The Willunga Slate Museum

The Mounted Police Stables hold the Willunga slate exhibition, which explains the culture and industry that emerged on the settlers’ discovery of the slate deposits. Learn about the immigration of families from the slate area of Cornwall. See our fascinating collection of slate quarry and roofing tools and beautiful 19th-century carvings. Find out how such a heavy material as slate was transported and discover what the slate quarrying families did in their spare time.

View our fascinating collection of slate quarry, roofing tools, and beautiful 19th-century slate carvings.

Willunga National Trust Slate Museum.
Black signboard with white text Waverley Homestead.

Waverley Park Homestead

Waverley Park Homestead is a beloved Willunga heritage-listed building. Now an art gallery, Waverley Park Homestead displays artworks relating to the built and cultural heritage by both living and deceased artists. See a different art exhibition every three months, with a special feature artwork displayed monthly. Admission is free.
Open: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1.00 – 4 pm.

Address: 23 St Peters Terrace (enter via the Willunga Golf Course Car Park), Willunga.

Embrace the Museums Experience!

Do you enjoy talking to people? Why not become a museum guide, either on group tours or during museum opening hours, and share our heritage with an interested public. Do you love finding things out? Why not become a researcher or work with the objects in our museum to record, research and conserve them. Are you an ideas or design person? Planning exhibitions is a fun and satisfying thing to do.

Too busy to volunteer? Why not make a donation instead? We always need funds to help us achieve our mission, and donations to the Willunga Branch are tax-deductible.

If you have objects that would add to our collections or photographs of the past relating to the Willunga District, which includes McLaren Vale, Aldinga, Whites Valley, Port Willunga and Sellicks Beach/Hill, please contact us.

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