Rotary Club of McLaren Vale

Operating Dates:

1978 –

Rotary in McLaren Vale began in 1978 with the first President being AG Baxendale, husband of Ruth Baxendale who also contributed to the community through her role with the Willunga National Trust.

List of Presidents 1978 – 2013

1978/79 AG Baxendale
1979/80 JE Mansfield
1980/81 ML Prime
1981/82 R Dellow
1982/83 DL Light
1983/84 AB Dunstone
1984/85 AHM Ellison
1985/86 DM Ross
1986/87 TR Sharp
1987/88 MW Farrall
1988/89 NJ Brown
1989/90 KJ Van Der Pennen
1990/91 SV Head
1991/92 KS Kerrisk
1992/93 MD Pridham
1993/94 BJM McNamara
1994/95 CR Jarrett
1995/96 RD Thomson
1996/97 RJ Plummer
1997/98 PC Crabb
1998/99 CL Rowley
99/2000 T Hadert
2000/01 JH Brougham
2001/03 M Pridham
2003/04 C Rochford
2004/06 D Merrell
2006/08 D Bartley
2008/09 D Merrell
2008/09 L Cester
2009/11 A Bigg
2011/13 K Lamb
2013 WH Brown

The club raises funds for both local and overseas causes, including research into the eradication of polio which is sponsored by Bill Gates alongside Rotary. The club has raised significant amounts over the years in overseas aid after floods, fire and tsunamis to name a few, and also provides a service called Shelter box.

For many years, the Rotary Club of McLaren Vale hosted the Australia Day Breakfast on 26 January in the National Trust Courthouse grounds Willunga in conjunction with the National Trust SA (Willunga Branch).

Each year, the club also sponsors a Mock Accident in conjunction with SAPOL, CFS, SA Ambulance Service, a magistrate and prosecutor. As a challenging learning experience, teachers and students from local schools witness the scene as a re-enactment of a road accident, followed by a trial and judgement.


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