Bastian, John

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John Bastian – farmer.

John Bastian was born on 8 August 1825 in Crowan, Cornwall, England. He was the second son of Sampson Bastian senior (1791-1846) and Philippa Holman (1797-1872) and the younger brother of Sampson Bastian junior.

John Bastian, aged 14, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on 6 Feb 1840 with his parents and seven surviving siblings on board Java, Captain Alexander Duthie, from London on 13 Oct 1839. He lived in the Willunga district for more than thirty years from the early 1840s until the late 1870s and he never married.

In March 1850 John Bastian, farmer of Willunga put his name on the declaration of confidence in Mr. John Stephens. In June 1855, at the age of thirty years, he served on a special jury of the Supreme Court (Civil Sittings) where he was described as a farmer of Willunga. In late 1858 he advertised a two-pound reward for the return of a Black Filly that had strayed some nine months before. In 1859 he made a claim on the Central Road Board for land and fencing for over 200 pounds in association with his brother-in-law Richard Hill. In 1871 he was one of dozens of electors in the Province of South Australia who petitioned Mr. Philip Santo to stand as a candidate to fill one of the vacancies in the Legislative Council. In 1875 he was one of dozens of electors in the District of Noarlunga who petitioned Mr. John Colton to stand as a candidate for election for the district.

Some time between 1875 and 1878 John Bastian moved from Willunga to Yorke Peninsula because in June of 1878 he advertised to sell by auction a property including a six-room stone house at Cross Roads, Moonta. He appears to have been resident in North Adelaide in 1884 when he was one of dozens of electors who petitioned Dr. Charles Edward Stirling to stand as a candidate for election for the North Adelaide district. John Bastian, aged 62 years, died suddenly of apoplexy at his brother’s residence, near Koolunga east of Redhill in the mid-North of South Australia on 24 May 1887 and he left an estate worth £600.


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