Bastian, Sampson (junior)

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Sampson Bastian (junior) – quarryman, slate merchant & farmer.

Sampson Bastian (junior) was born on 9 Sept 1820 and baptised on 1 Oct 1820 in Crowan, Cornwall, England. He was the oldest son of Sampson Bastian (senior) (1791-1846) and Philippa Holman (1797-1872) and older brother of John Bastian. Religion – Wesleyan Methodist (Uniting Church).

Sampson Bastian, aged 18, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on 6 Feb 1840 with his parents and seven surviving siblings on board Java, Captain Alexander Duthie, from London on 13 Oct 1839. On 20 March 1845 Sampson married Mary Holman (1822-1860) at the Wesleyan Chapel in Gawler Place, Adelaide, South Australia. They had nine children (three sons and six daughters) – 3 of whom died before the age of 5 years:

  • John Henry (1846-1929) b. at Willunga, m. Roseanna Threadgold ( -1952) on 12 May 1879.
  • Mary (1847-1927) b. at Willunga, not married. d. at Millswood Estate.
  • Jane (1848-1848) b. & d. aged 3 weeks, at Willunga.
  • Sampson John (1849-1853) b. & d. aged 4 years, at Willunga.
  • Jane (1850-1913) b. at Willunga, m. Henry Mudge on 28 March 1872, d. at Streaky Bay.
  • Elizabeth (1852-1917) b. at Willunga, m. John Henry Smith on 25/12/1873 at Streaky Bay, SA. d. at Streaky Bay.
  • Sampson John (1854-1913) b. at Willunga, m. Mary Julia Middleton on 13 June 1877 at St. Paul Church Adelaide. d. at Prospect aged 58 years
  • Philippa (1855-1943) b. at Willunga, m. Henry Bishop on 25 July 1877, d, at Stansbury.
  • Anne (1857-1857) b. & d. at Willunga aged 3 months

m. 2nd. Mary Ann Dawe (née Gregory) (1819-1889) on 25 July 1861 at Weslyan Chapel, North Adelaide. They had one daughter:

  • Ann (1864-1865) b. & d. at Willunga aged 7 months

Sampson Bastian (junior) went to the goldfields in the early 1850s (according to Maude Aldam).
Mary Bastian (née Holman) died on 19 Aug 1860, aged 38 years, after they had been married just 15 years. Sampson Bastian’s second marriage was to Mary Anne Dawe (née Gregory) (1819-1889) at the Weslyan Chapel in Archer Street, North Adelaide on 25 July 1861. Sampson’s second marriage lasted 18 years until Mary Anne, aged 70 years, died in a coach accident on 18 Sept 1889.

Sampson Bastian (junior) was resident in Willunga from the 1840s to at least the 1860s as he is listed in Stephen’s South Australian Almanac and Directory as a farmer at Willunga for 1847 and he occupied 29 acres in 1849. This may have been part of section 1241 (comprising 110 acres) which he purchased for 110 pounds with John Bastian and Richard Hill (his brother-in-law) on 8 Oct 1849. He was a seconder on a motion at a public meeting held at the Bush Inn in 1859. He was a partner with Thomas Martin in the slate quarrying firm of Bastian and Martin and the Bastian’s slate quarry is named after him. He was described as a slate merchant of Willunga in 1861 and for the years from 1864 to 1883. In 1860 he was seriously injured when he was kicked in the face by a horse tearing his lip and causing swelling of the brain.

Sampson Bastian (junior) lived until 15 Sept 1897 when he died aged 77 years at Goodwood in South Australia.


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