Bastian, Sampson (senior)

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Sampson Bastian (senior) – quarryman, quarry owner and farmer.

Sampson Bastian (senior) was born on 19 Jan 1791 in Crowan, Cornwall, England. He was the son of John Bastian (1754-1819) and Elizabeth Uren (1761-1808). John is reputed to have changed his surname from Bastard to Bastian.

Sampson married Philippa Holman (1797-1872) on 28 Dec 1819 in Crowan, Cornwall, England. They had ten children (5 sons and 5 daughters), nine of whom were born in England and one (Thomas Henry) was born in the colony of South Australia. Their religion was Wesleyan Methodist (Uniting Church),

Ten members of the Bastian family arrived at Port Adelaide on 6 Feb 1840 on board Java, Captain Alexander Duthie, from London on 13 Oct 1839. Sampson (43) and Philippa (42) Bastian with their eight surviving children Sampson (junior) (18), Elizabeth (16), Jane (15), John (13), Philippa (12), Hannah (8), Ann (6) and Stephen (4). Mary (10) had died on the voyage.

On arrival the Bastian family lived in huts erected by the Government on the banks of the Torrens River, and afterwards removed to a house in Light Square, where they lived for about six months. The Bastian family were resident in Willunga probably by the end of 1840 and certainly by 1843 when their tenth child (and fourth son) Thomas Henry was born on 6 March 1843. Land was secured at a place known as Beltunga, one and a half miles from Willunga.

Sampson Bastian senior was employed in the quarries, which, when relinquished by Mr. Edward Loud, he worked in conjunction with his eldest son, Sampson Bastian junior. They were also involved in carting copper ore from Burra and it was on one of these long trips to Burra that Mr. Bastian senior caught a severe cold, from which he never recovered. Sampson Bastian senior died at the age of 55 years on 15 Nov 1846 at Willunga and he is buried in the Willunga Uniting Church cemetery. He has a chest tomb with a slate tombstone on the side carved by George Sara. He left an estate worth £240.


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