Chenoweth, Edwin John

Date of Birth/Death:


Principal occupation=Saddler and farmer

Edwin John Chenoweth (alternative spelling Chenowth) was born on 11 March 1821, second son of John Chenoweth and Elizabeth Cock from Lanteglos near Camelford in North Cornwall, England. Edwin John married Jane Cornelius (1819-1891) on 12 September 1840 at Camelford, Cornwall. Religion – Wesleyan Methodist. His older brother William Chenoweth (1817-1904) was a quarryman who emigrated to South Australia in 1849 and settled in the Willunga District. Edwin was described as a saddler when he arrived in Port Adelaide, aged 35 years, with his wife Jane, aged 36 years, and eight surviving children (Elizabeth, Fanny, Mary Ann, Edwin, John, Frederick, Samuel and James) on board the Government emigrant ship Aurora on 21 May 1856 from Southampton. Two of their daughters had died before they left the United Kingdom (Sarah Jane and Caroline) and two sons (Charles and Henry) were born at Willunga after their arrival. They eventually had a total of 12 children (seven sons and five daughters):

  • Elizabeth (1841-1920) married James Reed on 1 January 1859 by Rev. James Ashton at Willunga
  • Fanny (1842-1924) married William Richards (1850-1933) on 3 May 1873 at Matta Flat
  • Sarah Jane (1844-1847) died age 3 years in Cornwall
  • Mary Ann (1845-1915) married John Robert Varley at the Registry Office, Adelaide on 7 March 1870. She died in Adelaide. She had a son, Philip Chenoweth, born at Willunga in 1861, father’s name not given although on his marriage the notice stated his father was Edward Cock of Willunga. Philip married Mary Ann Yates at Willunga in 1884 and he died at Normanville in 1927 following an accident. (Philip may have been raised by his grandparents as their youngest child)
  • Caroline (1846-1853) died age 6 years in Cornwall
  • Edwin George (1848-1923) married Esther Sibley, aged 19, on 31 March 1875 at the residence of Edwin Chenoweth, Willunga. They had 11 children. He was a saddler at Aldinga until 1894.
  • John (1850-1867) died at Aldinga aged 17 years following an accident
  • Frederick (1851-1924) married Ellen Bowden on 8 August 1871 at Riverton. Ellen died in January 1891 at Hamley Bridge. He re-married to Caroline Augusta Rosenthal at Hamley Bridge on 6 February 1892. Frederick died at Hamley Bridge.
  • Samuel (1853-1938) married Martha Taylor on 21 September 1876 at the residence of bride’s father Job Taylor in Willunga. Samuel died at St Peters.
  • James (1854-1934) married Mary Taylor on 31 August 1875 at the residence of bride’s father (Job Taylor) in Willunga. James died at Kensington Park.
  • Charles (1857-1931) born at Willunga, married Elizabeth Ann Nottle on 10 July 1879 at Kangaroo Flat, Barossa district. Charles died in hospital in Adelaide, although his residence was at Willaston.
  • Henry (born Harry) (1860-1860) born and died at Willunga age 4 months

Edwin John worked as a saddler and later as a farmer. He paid rates on Lot 51 in the township of Willunga and on a section of land on California Road, White’s Valley. He and his family were resident in Willunga by 1857 and he remained there until at least the 1890s (over 30 years).

Jane Chenoweth (1820-1891) died, aged 71 years, on 18 February 1891 at Willunga and is buried in the Uniting Church Cemetery. After Jane’s death in 1891 Edwin, aged 70 years, remarried to Agnes Bloomer, aged 54 years, (1837-1912) who died on 13 March 1912, aged 75 years and is buried in West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide. Edwin John Chenoweth died on 12 May 1912, aged 91 years, at his son James’ home in Norwood and he was also buried in the West Terrace Cemetery. A colonist for 55 years.


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