Dawe, William Henry

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Principal occupation=Slate carver, builder and contractor.

William Henry Dawe was born in 1839 at Tamerton in Devon, England. He was the oldest son of William Dawe (1814-1850) and Mary Anne Gregory (1816-1889). He travelled as an infant with his parents who left Gravesend on 5 March 1840 and arrived on 17 June 1840 on board the 453-ton barque Charles Kerr from London, Gravesend, and Deal to Port Adelaide. William Henry grew up in Willunga during the 1840s where his father William worked as a quarryman and labourer. After his father died in an accident on 3 November 1850, William Henry (then aged about 11 years), his mother Mary Anne and his five siblings were looked after by his uncle Sampson Dawe.

William Henry, aged 22 years, married Annie MacDermid aged 20 years (1841-10 February 1909) at Willunga on 22 August 1861. They had nine children (4 sons and 5 daughters):

  • John Gregory (17 November1862-30 December1905, m. Elizabeth Armstrong),
  • Mary Ann Fanny (26 September1864-20 October1950) married James Taylor at Solomontown
  • William James (22 April 1867-24 June 1933), married Elizabeth Hannah Stephens on 08 March1890 in Geelong
  • Robert (30 January 1869-26 June1928), married Caroline Marion Degenhardt on 18 August 1897 in Adelaide
  • Walter Herbert (30 December 1870-20 August1928), married Alice May Griffin on 26 December 1898 in Adelaide
  • Edith (30 September 1872-18 March1928) married William Everard Lucy on 09 March1892 in Warracknabeal, Victoria
  • Ethel Maud (29 November1874-4 June 1946) married George Burton Smith on 29 March1898 in Prospect
  • Beatrice Florence (24 January 1877-12 November 1948), married Leonard Charles Lock on 02 December 1903 in Prospect
  • Elsie Adelaide (19 December 1878-25 August 1963) unmarried

William Henry was still resident at Willunga when his first son (John Gregory) was born on 17 November 1862. On 26 June 1863 William Henry Dawe of Willunga was declared bankrupt and sentenced to three months in prison for fraud. By 1864 he had moved into Adelaide when his sister Mary Jane Dawe married John Eaton at the residence of William Henry Dawe in Adelaide on 6 November 1864. From about 1864 to 1867 William Henry and his family were resident at Adelaide (marriage of Mary Jane Dawe (1864) and where William James was born (1867). Between 1869 and 1872 William Henry was living in Mitcham where Robert (1869), Walter Herbert (1870) and Edith (1872) were born. Later in the 1870s William Henry and his family lived in Moonta where Ethel Maud (1874), Beatrice Florence (1877) and Elsie Adelaide (1878) were all born. By 1898 he was living in Prospect. His last residence was 10 Wilhelm St, Prospect at his daughter’s house (Mrs. Beatrice Lock).

William Henry Dawe, aged 85, died at Prospect, Adelaide on 4 June 1924. He was buried in the North Road Cemetery (Nailsworth).


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