Dunstan, Martin

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Martin Dunstan was born in Willunga on 27 March 1927, the only son of Basil Dunstan and Constance (Connie) Jacobs. His father was the Manager of the Australian Slate Quarries and later became District Clerk of Willunga Council. Their family home was ‘Glantawe’ a house built mainly of slate, at 20 St Andrews Terrace.

Martin was a pupil at Willunga Primary School, before boarding at St Peter’s College in Adelaide from 1941-1945. He then worked for Willunga Distributors, delivering Shell fuel to local customers. He formed a popular local dance band.

In 1950 Martin married Peg Carmichael of Blewitt Springs. They lived in Willunga until Martin was appointed Clerk of the Peake District Council in 1960. He then followed a career in local government. After 4 years at Sherlock, the family moved to Cambrai (7 years), Willunga (2 years), Peterborough (15 years), Port Germein (5 years) followed by retirement in Seaford Rise.

Martin’s interest in local history began in 1940, his last year of primary school, when he pasted an Advertiser newspaper clipping into a small notebook with a black cover. This proved to be the first article of his Willunga scrapbook which he kept up-to-date for 37 years and which formed the basis for his four Willunga Town and District books.

His autobiography ‘Willunga Town and District as I knew it’ gives interesting insights into life in Willunga from the 1930s to the 1950s. Martin generously shared his knowledge with fellow historians and wrote many articles for local newspapers as well as donating documents and photographs to Willunga National Trust’s Courthouse Museum.

Martin Dunstan passed away on 7th October 2018, aged 91 years.


Martin Dunstan Willunga Town and District as I knew it 1999.

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