Eastwood, Sampson

Date of Birth/Death:


Principal occupation=Carter (or carrier) and later farmer

Sampson/Samson Eastwood was born in Netherthong, West Yorkshire, England on 26 August 1833 and he was baptised on 21 May 1837 at Kirkburton, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Eastwood (1805-1846) and Hannah (nee Kinder) (1804-1876). On 31 January 1857 Sampson, aged 24 years, married Mary Ann Marsh (1832-1914), aged 25 years, at Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England. They may have lived at Wooldale in Yorkshire before they emigrated to South Australia. Sampson Eastwood (1833-1921), farmer, aged 25 years, with his wife Mary Ann (nee Marsh), aged 26 years, (1832-1914) and their infant daughter Gertrude (who died at Willunga in 1859), arrived at Port Adelaide aboard Melbourne from Liverpool on 5 December 1858. Between 1859 and 1873 seven of their eight children are recorded as being born in the district and four as having died there:

  • Gertude (1858-1859) born at Huddersfield, Yorkshire, died at Willunga age 1 year
  • Milton (1860-1936), born at Aldinga, married Jeannie Sara Bailye (1871-1948) on 1 January 1890 in Western Australia; he died at Tamworth, New South Wales
  • John William (1861-1940) born at Willunga, appears to have married twice – 1st Phoebe Mary Wells in 1888 at Victoria – she died in 1892 Dimboola, Victoria; 2nd Emma Auguste Pumpa in 1894 in Victoria; he died in Hobart, Tasmania
  • George (1863-1917) born at Willunga, married in 1914 at Katanning, Western Australia to Agnes Lydia Blake; he died at Katanning, Western Australia
  • Mary Elizabeth (1865-1866) born and died at Willunga as an infant
  • Emily Jane (1868-1953) born at Willunga, married Amos Henry Glover on 26 March 1888 at her father’s residence, Curramulka, South Australia; she died at Lameroo, South Australia
  • Enoch (1869-1869) born and died at Aldinga as an infant
  • Helen/Ellen (1870-1871) born and died at Willunga as an infant
  • Joseph (1873-1950) born at Aldinga, married May Mary Elizabeth Burridge (1888-1979) in Western Australia, died in Western Australia

Sampson Eastwood and his family were resident in the Willunga District from about 1859 until at least 1878 (nearly 20 years). By 1866 he was working as a carter (or carrier) at Aldinga when he fell from his dray and a wheel passed over his right arm and thigh, breaking his lower leg. He was attended by Dr Mackintosh. In July 1867 he purchased Lot 6 (part of section 399) in the township of Downingsville from Carty David Downing (CT 102/208) and probably had the house built at 25 Old Coach Road, Aldinga. He owned this property until November 1893 when he sold it to Walter John Kimber, butcher of Aldinga. In March 1868 he leased section 210 and part of section 199 (27 acres) from Thomas Shepherd who had inherited these two properties on the death of his father Robert Shepherd in 1867. He continued to lease this land plus section 220 (from Hyett Shepherd) until at least 1876. Sampson Eastwood was still working as a carrier at Aldinga in 1870 and he was elected as a councillor for the Mill Ward of the Aldinga District Council in 1872 and 1874. By about 1878 Sampson Eastwood and his family seem to have relocated to Curramulka on Yorke Peninsula where he was a farmer (1878-1903) and sometimes worked clearing roads in the Hundreds of Ramsay and Curramulka. He was also a Councillor for the Minlaton Council, Curramulka Ward in 1894. In March 1903, after his farm sold there was an auction of his horses, equipment, house and household furniture and effects. By 1914 Sampson and his wife were living in North Adelaide.

Sampson Eastwood, aged 88 years, died on 18 February 1921 at Lower North Adelaide. His wife Mary Ann, aged 82 years, had died on 10 November 1914 at Lower North Adelaide. They are both buried in the West Terrace Cemetery. In May 1921 his property at North Adelaide was offered at public auction by the trustees of his Estate. In December 1944, a legal notice appeared in the newspaper regarding claims to Sampson Eastwood’s estate.


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