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Harold Maund Evans was born 13 May 1875 at Hurdle Creek near Whorouly, Victoria, the son of David Evans (1836-1899) and Mary Jones (1836-1897). An older brother, Dr John Herbert Evans, established a medical practice in Adelaide.

Educated at Melbourne Grammar School, and later St Peters College, Adelaide, Harold commenced medicine at the University of Adelaide in the early 1890s. However, owing to a hospital dispute, medical students were transferred to the University of Melbourne in March 1897 to complete their studies. Later that year he graduated and registered with the Medical Board of Victoria. By May 1898 he had registered with the medical board in South Australia. In July 1898 he was appointed as Resident Medical Officer at the Adelaide Children’s’ Hospital. A lacrosse player for the University of Adelaide he was also a member of the Royal Adelaide Golf Club at Seaton. In May 1900 he was listed as the local doctor at Willunga having taken over the residence and practice of the late Dr Counter at St Anne’s Lodge. As Dr Counter’s sister Hephzibah Ann Counter retained ownership of St Anne’s Lodge until February 1917 this was presumably a rental arrangement. Harold was appointed public vaccinator and remained involved with Willunga until 1908 when his practice was sold to Irish-born South African Dr John Evans, not related.

In 1901 he is noted as having presented an annual trophy, the Dr Evans Cup, to the Willunga Public School Football Team for its winning effort between McLaren Vale, Sellicks Hill, Aldinga, and Willunga Schools. By March 1901 he was appointed as a Justice of the Peace, and the following month to the Willunga School Board of Advice. A letter to the press in July 1901 expressed his concern about the need for a public health inspector in the instance of children recovering from diphtheria being permitted to return to school risking infecting others. He is reported to have given advice on the topography of the region to the Field Naturalists’ Annual Tour in November 1903. It is unknown if he was a member. That same month he was appointed President of the Willunga Football Club. On 26 October 1905 he was amongst those present at the opening of the telephone line from the city to Willunga. However, by early January 1906 the local press reported: ‘Much regret has been expressed at the projected departure of Dr. H. M. Evans from the district. He has always taken a great interest in the football, cricket, and tennis club’. He auctioned off his stock, furniture, and effects later that month. By November 1906 he was in England to study ear, nose, throat, and skin conditions, as well as for pleasure. On 12 July 1907 he sailed from London on the SS Ormuz, to return to Adelaide via Marseilles, France, and Naples, Italy, arriving back in Adelaide in February 1908 to set up practice in Angas Street. However, Dr Evans returned to Willunga for the Show on at least two occasions: in October 1908 and again in November 1909 winning prizes for his buggy and waggonette horses.

Also, in November 1909 he was elected to the Committee of the Adelaide Children’s Hospital. He remained in practice in Angas Street, Adelaide. However, on a visit to relatives in Kew, Victoria, he died suddenly on 21 May 1926 of a cerebral haemorrhage (stroke) aged 51 years. His usual residence was given as 7 Angas Street, Adelaide. He never married.


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