Glenie, Theresa

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Theresa Glenie – postmistress at Willunga Post Office (1905-1917).

Theresa Glenie was born on 17 Aug 1856 at Magill in South Australia. She was the second daughter of Henry Sneyd Glenie (1819-1875) who arrived in South Australia on board Blundell on 30 August 1851 with his wife (Amelia Lucy Besley (1828-1905) and eldest daughter (Amelia). Theresa was only 19 years old when her father died on 27 Sept 1875, aged 56 years, at the Finniss Tramway Station (Queen’s Own Town) on the River Murray in South Australia leaving his wife and eleven children. Theresa was the granddaughter of Anglican Archdeacon Glenie, of Ceylon and niece of Catholic Reverend Canon Glenie of Weybridge, Surrey, England. She was a Roman Catholic and active in the Catholic Church in both Micham and Willunga.

Theresa Glenie appears to have worked for James Marshall and Co. (drapers, furniture and general importers of Rundle Street) in 1888 and probably for some years before as the company was rapidly expanding during the 1880s. Then she worked for the Post and Telegraph Department for nearly 30 years (1888-1917) and she was the post and telegraph mistress at Mitcham (1888-1905) and Willunga (1905-1917). She was an agent for the Savings Bank of South Australia at Mitcham from 1888 and Electoral Registrar until 1905. According to The Express and Telegraph newspaper when she left Mitcham the Catholic Church held a farewell for her where she was presented with a beautiful silver teapot and two sugar bowls, with the inscription — “Presented to Miss Glenie by her Mitcham friends, July, 1905.”

She was the post and telegraph mistress and the Electoral Registrar at Willunga for twelve years (1905-1917) where her salary was salary £140 (fixed), less £14 for rent of quarters. Sadly her mother Amelia Lucy Glenie (née Besley), late of Mitcham, died at the Willunga Post Office on the 6th August 1905, aged 77 years, just two weeks after Theresa and her mother moved to Willunga. In 1915, while Theresa Glenie was postmistress, the Post Office was moved from 61 High Street down the hill to 4 High Street.

Theresa Glenie, aged 61 years, retired from the Post and Telegraph Department in 1917 and she left Willunga. At her farewell on leaving Willunga The Advertiser newspaper reported that she was presented “with a dressing-case and a travelling rug”. She lived for a time in Sydney and afterwards in Melbourne where she died, aged 62 years, in St. Kilda on 19 June 1919. She was buried in the Brighton Cemetery. Victoria, on Saturday, June 21 1919. Her obituary in Southern Cross newspaper described her as ”a woman of education, had a large circle of friends, and was held in the highest esteem”.


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