Illman, Rhonda Caroline

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Rhoda Caroline Illman was born on 1 May 1869 at Aldinga. She was the second oldest daughter of the eight children of Harry Illman (1845-1911) [Harry was the third son of John Illman (1802-1860)] and Mary (nee Riseborough) (1845-1925).] Rhoda Illman, aged 39 years and described as a spinster; she purchased part of a closed Government Road in section 407 in April 1908. She probably had the house built at 9 Old Coach Road soon after that (CT 781/94). Rhoda lived there until her death at 48 years of age in 1956.

Rhoda was a devout and active member of the Aldinga Methodist Church. Aged 13 years in 1882, she wrote to the Christian Colonist newspaper, mentioning that that she was a member of the Sunday School and the Band of Hope. In 1926, she was presented with an inscribed silver rose bowl by her friends at the Aldinga Methodist Church for “all her work in many phases of Church activities”, specifically in growing some of the flowers for, and the arranging of, “floral decorations on important days”. She appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1939 and 1941 where she was described as a housekeeper and resident in Aldinga.

Charles Sampson and his wife Julia May (nee Illman) (Rhoda’s sister) had purchased 7 Old Coach Road (the property next door) in April 1921 and Julia May lived there until her death, aged 87 years, in 1952. Rhoda Caroline Illman does not appear to have ever married and she died, aged 87 years, on 8 Oct 1956. She is buried in the Aldinga Uniting (Wesleyan Methodist) Cemetery.


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