Lipson, Charles Mortimer

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Principal occupation=Carpenter and agent for the Savings Bank of South Australia

Charles Mortimer Lipson was born on 6 September 1854 in Albert Town near Port Adelaide. He was the eldest of four sons of Thomas Hardy Lipson (1823-1862) and Rebecca Beverly Mortimer (1835-1913). He had three brothers – Thomas Edwin (1857- ), Arthur (1861- ) and Richard (1862-1864) born and died at Willunga. His mother, Rebecca, was probably from the Mortimer family (parents – Richards and Rebecca) of Willunga, which is why she returned to Willunga with her three young sons (Charles 8, Thomas Edwin 5 and Arthur 1) in 1862 after the death of her husband, Thomas Hardy Lipson, aged just 39 years. Rebecca Lipson re-married to William Meverley/Meeverly/Muverly Junior in 1883.

Charles grew up in Willunga and he went to the Bassett Boy’s School. He was a carpenter and the local agent for the Savings Bank of South Australia in Willunga for 26 years. With his wife Elizabeth, he operated from 19 Aldinga Road sometime after his father-in-law Alfred Hopkins had died in 1878. In April 1897 Charles Lipson purchased the land at 19 Aldinga Road from James Scott, executor of the estate of Alfred Hopkins.

Charles was the Secretary of the Willunga Cricket Club in 1882 and auditor for the Willunga District Council in 1883, 1886, 1887, 1888 and 1894. He was Captain of the Willunga Lifeboat Crew in 1884 and Secretary of the International Order of Rechabites (I.O.R.) in 1886 (and was still active in 1892). In the 1880s he was Colour-Sergeant in the Willunga Company of the Volunteer Force, and he was promoted to Lieutenant in 1888 and Captain in March 1889. In 1891 he resigned from the Volunteer Force and was appointed as a Captain in the Mounted Infantry. He was clerk of the Willunga district council for 33 years, secretary or the Agricultural Society for 10 years, lay-reader and warden of the Anglican Church, and secretary of the Rechabite Tent for more than 50 years, Charles Lipson, aged 24 years, had married Elizabeth Hopkins (1854-1933), aged 24 years, on 7 February 1879 at the Wesleyan Church in Pirie Street, Adelaide. They had 5 children (2 boys and 3 girls) all born at Willunga:

  • Clarissa Inez (1879-1970) born at Willunga, married Harold Gordon Broadbent in 1910 at St Stephens Church, Willunga
  • Linda Esme (1882-1980) born at Willunga, married John Alexander Gordon Abbott in 1912 at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide
  • Oswald Charles (1884-1979) born at Willunga, married Selphy Lucy Ellen Smith in 1910 at Hamley Bridge
  • Muriel Lizzie (1887-1973) born at Willunga, married Paul Edmund Schlegel at St Stephens Church, Willunga
  • Arthur Roy (1891-1974) born at Willunga, married Marjorie Esther Leach in 1915 at the Methodist Church, Virginia

Charles Mortimer Lipson, aged 91 years, died on 31 July 1945. His wife Elizabeth died at Willunga in 1933 age 79.


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