Lovelock, George

Date of Birth/Death:


Principal occupation=Farmer and laborer

George Lovelock senior was born at Burbage, Wiltshire, England in 1802 and he was the son of William Lovelock and Elizabeth (nee Newman). He married Ann Glass (1805-1875) on 14 June 1826 in Great Bedwin, Wiltshire, England. Aged 37 years, he was described as a farmer and laborer when he arrived aboard Prince Regent from London on 24 September 1839. He was with his wife Anne (nee Glass), aged 34 years and their five surviving sons – Levi (12), Elijah (10), Henry (8), George (3) and Richard (2). Two sons had died in England before they left and one son died on the voyage to South Australia. They eventually had thirteen children (11 boys and 2 girls):

  • Adam (1826-1839) died in England aged 13 years
  • Levi Alfred Percy (1827-1907) married Peggy Penberthy Bennetts (1830-1919) at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide in 1849
  • Elijah (1829-1907) married Mary Ann Martin (1828-1904) at O’Halloran Hill in 1850
  • Henry (1831-1899) m. Grace Dunstan (1840-1930) at the residence of Mr and Mrs Dunstan, Aldinga Bay in 1858
  • George (1834-1836) died in England aged 1 year
  • George (1836-1907) married Clara Winzor (1836-1902) at Willunga in 1855
  • Richard (1837-?) believed to have died young
  • Thomas (1839-1839) died on the ship on the way to South Australia
  • Elizabeth (1840-1922) born at Plympton, married Henry Pengilly (1836-1875) at the Wesleyan Chapel, McLaren Vale in 1861
  • Mary Ann Elizabeth (1843-1923) born at Plympton, married John Winzor (1842-1904) in 1861 at Chalmers Church, Adelaide
  • William (1845-1903) born Willunga, married Caroline Kay Pengilly at Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Adelaide in 1866
  • Richard (1850-1936) born Aldinga, married Emma Louisa Toll (1853-1925) at the residence of Mrs Toll, Willunga on 22 April 1872
  • Thomas Glass (1852-1939) born Aldinga, married Sarah Ann Beresford (1853-1918) at Adelaide in 1874

The Lovelock family were resident in Plympton when Elizabeth (1840) was born and resident in Aldinga by the time of the 1841 Census. George Lovelock held a depasturing licence for 1844, an occupation licence in 1845 and a timber licence in 1849. He is listed as resident on the Aldinga Plains by the time of the 1846 Directory. George Lovelock was granted 40 acres (comprising the western half of Section 401) by the South Australian Company on 12 March 1845 and the family may have been living on that land since 1841. In 1846 George purchased section 374 (80 acres) in the Hundred of Willunga for 80 pounds 1 shilling and in 1847 he purchased section 388 (80 acres) in District C (to the north of Aldinga) for the same amount. In March 1848 he purchased section 389 (80 acres) for 80 pounds 1 shilling and in September 1850 he purchased section 419 (80 acres) for 91 pounds. By 1851 he had already established himself as one of the Influential “Men of the South”.

George Lovelock, aged 51 years, died at his residence at White’s Valley on 4 December 1853. George Lovelock is the oldest recorded burial dated 4 December 1853 in the Aldinga Methodist (Uniting) Church Cemetery and his widow Ann Lovelock (nee Glass) who died at Little Para on 10 October 1875 is also buried there.


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