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James Sutherland Mackintosh was born in Thurso, Caithness, Scotland on 22 April 1816. He was the third son of the Reverend William Mackintosh (1764-1830) and Christian Mackintosh (nee Sutherland) (1775-1860). Religion – Church of England. Mackintosh spent six years studying at the University of Edinburgh, leading to an M. D. in 1837. He became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 1837 and then studied for a year at La Charite Hospital in Paris, France. As well, he was a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London and spent ten years in medical practice in London, followed by two years in India working for the East India Company. James Mackintosh, aged 34 years, married Catherine Suttie Gordon, aged 31 years, (1819-1899) on 23 March 1850 at Duddington, Midlothian, Scotland. They had five children:

  • Francis Gordon (1853-1854) died as an infant/child?
  • North Dalrymple Sutherland (1855-1901) m. Elizabeth Marjery Gregorson (1857-1913) at Woodville, SA, d. at Woodville, SA.
  • Charlotte Gordon (1857-1924) b. at Willunga, unmarried, d. at Hyde Park & buried at Cheltenham Cemetery.
  • Flora Camilla (1861-1934) unmarried, d. at Wayville, buried at Cheltenham Cemetery.
  • Charles (1867-1942) b. at Willunga, m. May Rebecca Collett (1875-1951) in 1905 at Redfern, NSW, d. at Ashfield, NSW.

Dr. Mackintosh may have visited South Australia in 1852, arriving by Penelope in Feb 1852 and, in 1895, Dr. J.S. Mackintosh of Port Adelaide was recorded as having registered as a medical practitioner in Adelaide on 5 July 1852. He probably then returned to England. On 22 January 1853, he sailed with his wife from Southampton as surgeon aboard Caucasian and arrived in South Australia on 30 April 1853. He went straight to Willunga to replace Dr. McDonald and stayed there for 14 years (1853-1867). Dr. Macintosh purchased extensive land holdings in the 1860s in places including Goolwa, Noarlunga, Port Gawler and Tungkillo. In Willunga the Mackintosh family lived at 18 Main Road (section 248) [Hawthorne House] and James Mackintosh continued to pay rates on this house until 1879. About 1867 he returned to England for eight months and, on his return to the colony, spent two years in Gawler, a year in North Adelaide and settled in Port Adelaide about 1870. Dr. Mackintosh was a Justice of the Peace and regularly served as a magistrate at the Willunga Courthouse, including at the trial of John Smith for the murder of William Thomas in 1855. Dr Mackintosh was involved in the establishment of the Oddfellows Hall in 1863 and was one of the Chairs at the laying of the foundation stone in Sept 1863. He exhibited four varieties of table grapes at the Willunga Show, held at the Oddfellows Hall in March 1866. He was Chair of the Mutual Improvement Association at a meeting on 30 Sept 1867. Dr. Mackintosh died at his home in Semaphore Road, Glanville on 27 Feb 1901, aged 85 years and was buried in the Cheltenham Cemetery.


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