Malpas, Godfrey

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Godfrey Malpas – farmer, grape grower and vintner.

Godfrey Malpas was born at Willunga on 5 Nov 1866. He was the third son of Henry Malpas (1823-1910) and Mary Anne (née Allen) (1832-1912). Godfrey grew up in Willunga.

In July 1888 Godfrey Malpas, aged 22 years, was promoted from private to sergeant (on probation) and then in March 1889, aged 23, he was promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant in the Willunga Company (local volunteer military forces). In May 1891 Lieutenant Godfrey Malpas resigned from the VMR (Volunteer Militia Reserve) Force.

In 1890 he subscribed 5 shillings to the “Six Hundred Fund” to support the survivors of the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaklava in the Crimean War. In July 1892 he was elected councillor for the McLaren Vale ward of the Willunga District Council in the District Council elections. Godfrey was an Anglican and he was a Warden of St Stephens Anglican Church, Willunga in 1895 and 1896. He presided at a Willunga meeting of the “Australasian National League” in September 1897.

Probably from about 1888, Godfrey Malpas was a grape grower and vintner who ran the Tarella Vineyard and Orchard (80 acres) comprising 50 acres of Mataro, 17 acres of currents and Shiraz and 5 acres of Muscat as well as lemons, citrons and almonds. Then in 1890 Godfrey purchased 240 acres of land (sections 453, 458 and 464) from Joseph Chapman, farmer of McLaren Vale, and William Illman, bootmaker of Parkside. Godfrey’s father Henry Malpas had held the mortgage on this land since 1880 and in 1891 Godfrey leased section 453 to Richard Strout. In April 1893 he replied to a circular asking owners of vineyards of five acres and over, questions about the “Vintage of 1893” indicating that he had 70 acres under vine at the Tarella Vineyard.

Godfrey, aged 27 years, married Pricilla Jane Hillman (1869-1956), aged 24 years, at the Bible Christian Church, Willunga on 22 March 1893. They had two children:

  • Percy Godfrey (1894-1957) b. at Willunga, m. Jean Mary Langley (1897-1982), d. at Willunga.
  • Dora (1898-1960) b. at Willunga, unmarried?

Godfrey Malpas, aged 32 years, died in a fatal accident on Saturday 12 Nov 1898 at Willunga. He had broken a bone in his leg about a month before and when walking to bed with his crutches he fell against the bedstead breaking his neck. In one of the largest funerals seen in the district he was buried at St. Stephens Anglican Cemetery, Willunga. His estate was auctioned on Monday 27 Feb 1899.


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