Mortimer, Richard

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Richard Mortimer was born in c1800 in Londonderry, Ireland and he was an Anglican. He lived in Willunga for more than 30 years (1851-1883). Richard Mortimer married Rebecca Wilson (1815-1855) c1834 and they had 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls):

  • Rebecca Beverley (1835-1913) born in Ireland, married (1st) Thomas Hardy Lipson in c1853 and (2nd) William Meverley/Muverly on 7 July 1883 at the residence of Mr Lipson, Adelaide.
  • Richard (1838-1892) born in Ireland, married Honora Redden (or Redan) on 31 October 1861 at St Joseph, Willunga
  • Mary (1841- ) born in Ireland, married (1st) James Fyfe in 4 May1863 at Trinity Church, Adelaide, and (2nd) James Croker Ferguson at Willunga on 13 August 1877
  • William (1848-1920) born in Ireland, married Mary Ann Wichellow on 8 July 1875 at Kooringa (Burra)
  • Margaret (1851-1934) born in Willunga
  • Samuel (1853-1924) born in Willunga, married Mary Elizabeth Henley on 25 July 1878 at Christ Church, O’Halloran Hill

Richard Mortimer, aged 49 years (but claiming to be 39 years), arrived with his wife Rebecca, aged 34 years, and four children (Rebecca 14, Richard 11, Mary 8 and William 1) on 20 June 1849 on board the Florentia (453 tons) from London and Plymouth, England. The Mortimer family had settled in Willunga by 1851 and Richard was a quarrymen and builder. He paid rates on land (and a house?) on Lot 3 (Morton’s Cottage (Upalong) 19 St James Street from 1855. Richard purchased Willunga township Lot 87 (on the High Street opposite the Bush Inn) in 1858. He also paid rates on Lots 4 and 5, parts of Section 257, on St. Andrew’s Terrace. Under the Real Property Act in October 1863, Richard Mortimer became the owner of Lot 3 (Morton’s Cottage (Upalong)) 19 St James Street, and Lots 4 and 5 (in St Andrew’s Terrace) in section 257. In July 1878 he transferred a portion of Lot 5 in St. Andrew’s Terrace to his son–in-law James Croker Ferguson and another, smaller part of Lot 5 to his daughter Rebecca Lipson (nee Mortimer) in 1880.

Rebecca Mortimer (nee Wilson) died, aged 40 years, on 16 June 1855 and she is buried in St Stephen’s Anglican Cemetery and first church site. Richard Mortimer, aged 83 years, died on 23 May 1883 and he too is buried in St Stephen’s Anglican cemetery and first church site.


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