Pollard, John Edward (Mounted Police)

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John Edward Pollard was born in Hertfordshire, England in 1816. His father was Reverend John Pollard, rector of Bennington, Hertfordshire, while his mother was the grand-daughter of the Earl of Harborough. Aged 20 years, John Edward arrived with his wife in South Australia aboard the ”Africaine’‘ from London on 19 November 1836. According to Robert Gouger, during the voyage, Pollard cared for the livestock and Gouger’s goats, performing the ‘offices of the butcher’ when required.   Pollard became a foundation member of the Police Force on 28 September 1838 as a Mounted Constable. He was a Mounted Policeman in the 1840s and served at Willunga until January 1843. He then served at Encounter Bay, where he resigned on 31 December 1845 to become a farmer. He owned ”Bennington Farm” at Bald Hills in Inman Valley. In 1858 he became insolvent.  John Edward Pollard had married his first wife, Maria Smith, before 1836. Maria Pollard died at the age of 43 in 1861 at Bald Hills. Their children were:

  • John James (1837- )
  • Thomas Nelson (1839- ) married Catherine Jane Nicholls in 1859.
  •  William Bradshaw (1841- )
  • A son (1844-1845) was born and died at Encounter Bay.
  • Anna Maria (1850- ) was born at Inman Valley. She married David Deakin Davies.
  • Mary Ann (1851- )
  • John Edward (1854- ) married Mary Ann Westlake in 1880.

In 1864, aged 46 years, John Edward Pollard married his second wife, Bridget Kearse, the daughter of John Kearse. She was 29 years old.  John Edward Pollard, aged 50, died at Mitcham on 30 May, 1865. John and Bridget’s daughter, Margaret, was born at Norwood on 9 January, 1866.


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