Sibly, Alfred

Date of Birth/Death:


Principal occupation=bootmaker and shopkeeper

Surname variations = Sibly/Sibley

Alfred Sibly was born on 13 January 1854 at Medrose, Cornwall, England. He was the eldest son of Simon Libby Sibly (1826-1908) and Elizabeth (nee Cory) (1827-1901). Religion –Wesleyan Methodist. Alfred, aged 2 years, arrived with his parents and sister Esther (1) in South Australia on 24 July 1856 aboard Hooghly from Plymouth. Alfred grew up in the Willunga District and lived there from 1856 until about 1896 (40 years). Alfred, aged 24 years, married (1st) Esther Leah Yates, aged 26 years, (1852- 1882) on 8 June 1878 at the residence of Simon Libby Sibly at Aldinga. They had two children:

  • Ada Mabel (1879-1970) born at Aldinga, died at Clarence Park, South Australia. She married William Furness on 8 November 1911 at the residence of A Sibley [sic], Maylands, South Australia. She died in hospital at Joslin, South Australia aged 90 years
  • Ella Mary (1881-1964) born at Aldinga, married George Aime Cellier, widower, on 9 August 1911 at the residence of Mr Sibly, Maylands, South Australia. She died in hospital at Daw Park, South Australia aged 82 years

Alfred’s wife, known as Leah, died from inflammation of the lungs at the age of 29 years on 1 June 1882. He married (2nd) Hannah Maslin (1861-1953) on 15 August 1883 at the residence of Thomas Maslin near Aldinga. They had 8 children:

  • Clarence Alfred (1884-1964) born at Aldinga; married Beatrice Myrtle Pearce at the Presbyterian Church, Port Pirie. He died in hospital in Adelaide
  • Allan Thomas (1887-1957) born at Aldinga; married Elsie May Matthews on 19 January 1910 at the Spicer Memorial Methodist Church, East Adelaide. He died in hospital in Adelaide aged 70 years
  • Avis Hannah (1888-1975) born at Willunga; married John Reinhold Christian on 12 March 1913 at the residence of A Sibly, Maylands, South Australia. She died in hospital at Port Lincoln, South Australia aged 86 years
  • Daisy Elizabeth (1890-1975) born at Willunga, married Frederick Edwin Christian (1886-1957) on 19 June 1915 at the residence of Alfred Sibly, Maylands, South Australia. She died in hospital at Port Lincoln, South Australia aged 84 years
  • Raymond Maslin (1895-1961) born at Willunga, married Mabel Gertrude Bailey (1897-1944) on 3 March 1923 at Christ Church, Mount Gambier, South Australia; he died in hospital at North Adelaide, South Australia
  • Roy Libby (1897-1990) born at Stepney; married Lorna Alma Heinrich on 24 June 1922 at St Pauls Church, Freeling, South Australia. He died at Alexandra Lodge, Rose Park, South Australia aged 93 years
  • Florence Mercy (1899-1934) born at Stepney; married John Gottlieb Christian on 25 September 1920 at the Preparatory School, Tranmere, South Australia. She died in hospital at Wudinna, South Australia aged 35 years
  • Esther Leah (1901-1902) born and died at Maylands aged 10 months

Alfred was a bootmaker and shopkeeper at Aldinga and paid rates on one ninth of an acre and a house in section 401 and another half acre and a house in section 399 (Samuel Eastwood) in the 1880s, From about 1896 they moved to various locations in the city of Adelaide including Stepney, Maylands and Kensington. Alfred took an interest in public affairs, he went to lectures at the Oddfellows Hall in Willunga and wrote to the newspapers about some of his concerns.

Alfred Sibly died on 19 March 1948 at Kensington, South Australia. Hannah (surname as Sibley) died at Beulah Park, South Australia on 3 November 1952 aged 91 years


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