Taylor, Robert

Date of Birth/Death:


Principal occupation=Pound-keeper and Farmer

Robert Taylor was born in Withernwick, Yorkshire, England on 6 May 1798, son of John Taylor (1756-1829) and Rosey (nee Knaggs). Religion – Church of England. He married Jane Morris (1809-1878) on 20 December 1826 at Withernwick, Yorkshire. They had six children (3 sons and 3 daughters):

  • Thomas John (1828-1886) never married, he died at Willunga 3 January 1886 age 57 years
  • Elizabeth (1830-1913) never married, she died at Willunga 29 September 1913 aged 83 years
  • Rosanna (1831-1918) married Dr William Parr Hill (1819-1865) 27 August 1850 at St Stephens Church, Willunga. She died 6 July 1918 at Willunga aged 87 years
  • Matthew Topham (1832-1879)  never married, station overseer at Menindee, New South Wales, died from injuries received in a coach accident at Pooncarie, River Darling, New South Wales
  • Fanny Hester (1834-1862) married Watts Newland (1820-1913) on 12 May 1853 at Willunga. She died 10 October 1862 “in premature childbirth” aged 28 years at Glencoe Station near Mount Gambier, South Australia
  • William Henry (1842-1883) died at Gilbert Town, South Australia after a ‘lingering illness’. Married Eliza Emery Gray (1840-1892) on 29 June 1876 at St James Church, Blakiston. His will noted he was late of Netley, River Darling, New South Wales

Robert Taylor, aged 39 years, arrived in South Australia with his wife Jane (31) and two children Thomas John (10) and Fanny Hester (4) aboard D’Auvergne from London on 20 March 1839. He was described as a storekeeper and poundkeeper. He was certainly resident in District C by 1841 (Census) and 1846 (Memorial). He called his property Glenwood (on section 703 or 507) on Taylor’s Hill Road east of Willunga. Robert Taylor was appointed keeper of the Public Pound erected on section 703, adjoining the Government Reserve, Willunga in September 1842 and he resigned his position as pound-keeper in September 1843. He was granted an occupational license in December 1842 and again in February 1845. He paid rates on sections 703 and 507 in the 1850s. In the 1860s, Robert Taylor, sheepfarmer became insolvent. In July 1862 land in his occupation was advertised for sale or lease – Willunga, No 557, 671 and 672 and noted as fenced – this land appears to be in addition to the previously mentioned sections. The number of newspaper entries suggests that his bankruptcy case was a drawn-out process. Unfortunately, there is no indication of why he became insolvent.

Robert Taylor, aged 69 years, died on 15 May 1868 at Glenwood, Willunga and he is buried in St Stephen’s Anglican Cemetery, Willunga. He was described as of ‘kind and genial disposition’ to not only his family but to friends and neighbours. He had ‘for a long time suffered from cancer in the face’. His widow Jane Taylor died 13 March 1878 at Glenwood.


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  • TAYLOR, Thomas John gentleman Willunga linked with William Henry Taylor gentleman Netley Darling River NSW 1878 Memorial 208/310
  • TAYLOR, Thomas John gentleman Glenwood near Willunga. died 3/1/1886. Brother to Elizabeth Taylor spinster Glenwood. Brother of Rosanna HILL widow Glenwood relict of the late William P Hill formerly surgeon but now deceased. Uncle to Annie Louisa Hill. Elizabeth Taylor died 29/9/1913. Rosanna Hill died 6/7/1918. Annie Louisa Hill died 26/9/1929 Memorial 112/410 & RPA Search 2210
  • TAYLOR, Thomas John gentleman Glenwood near Willunga, died 3/1/1886. He left all his real estate to his sister, Elizabeth Taylor spinster Glenwood, provided she pay his debts and give his niece Annie Louisa HILL, daughter of TJ Taylor’s sister, Rosanna HILL widow Glenwood, £52 a year. All the women to have equal rights in living at Glenwood Deposit 81/1891

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