Valentine, Joseph

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Principal occupation=Farmer

Joseph Valentine was the son of Samuel Valentine. It is unknown where he was born and his date of arrival in South Australia. Religion – C. of E. Joseph Valentine, aged 28 years, (1835-1917) married Mary Ann Bennetts, aged 28 years, (1835-1911) on 1 December 1863 at Christ Church, O’Halloran Hill. She was the daughter of James Bennetts. They had five children:

  • James (1865-1945) born at Aldinga, buried at Aldinga Uniting Church Cemetery. He never married
  • Mary Jane (1866-1928) born at Aldinga, married John “Jack” Charles Wasley at the Baptist Church, Aldinga on 3 February 1909. She died at Lower Light, Gilbert district, South Australia. She had one child, a son Roy (1910-1989)
  • Christiana (1869-1869) a twin, born and died at Bennetts Hill, Aldinga, aged 15 days, and buried at Aldinga Uniting Church Cemetery
  • Margaret (1869-1869) a twin, born and died at Bennetts Hill, Aldinga, aged 18 days, and buried at Aldinga Uniting Church Cemetery
  • Margaret (1872-1888) born and died at Aldinga aged 16 years

Joseph Valentine was resident in the Aldinga area from 1866 until his death at 82 years of age in 1917. He leased Section 160, 3 miles north of Aldinga, in the Hundred of Willunga for five years at £40 per annum from February 1866. Joseph was elected as a councillor for the North Ward for the Aldinga District Council in 1888. In the 1890s he regularly served on the Willunga and Maclaren Vale Agricultural Society Committee and on the Agricultural Bureau for Willunga in 1899. After the deaths of James Bennetts and Mary (nee Trembath) in the 1880s, their daughter Mary Ann and her husband Joseph Valentine lived at Bennetts Hill into the 20th century.

Mary Ann Valentine, aged 76 years, died on 24 Oct 1911 and Joseph Valentine died on 5 Sept 1917 at Bennetts Hill, Aldinga, ‘aged 82 years, a colonist of 81 years’. They are both buried in the Aldinga Uniting Cemetery. Joseph Valentine left £3,000 in his will.


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