Watters, William

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William Watters senior was a miner in Cornwall who was born on 1 May 1800 and baptized on 18 May at Crowan, Cornwall. His parents were Thomas Watters (1763- ) and Joan (née Williams). Religion – Wesleyan Methodist. William married Lenora Holman on 14 May 1822 at Crowan, Cornwall. She was the daughter of Stephen Holman (1759-1825) and Nora Moyle (1757-1833). They had 7 children:

  • Samuel (1822-1890) born at Crowan, Cornwall, married 1st Elizabeth Thomas (1824-1853) on 21 September 1845 at Lizard, Cornwall; 2nd marriage to Kezia Williams (1822-1888) on 1 July 1854 at Willunga; he died at Willunga
  • William junior (1824-1865) born at Crowan, Cornwall, married Mary Thomas (née Holman) (1820-) born at Crowan, Cornwall, at the Pirie Street Chapel, Adelaide on 12 July 1855, farmer at Willunga; he died in Victoria
  • Stephen (1824-1871) born at Crowan, Cornwall, married (1st) Sarah Holman (1825-1847) on 27 May 1845; married 2nd Mary Ann Davies (1826-1907) on 30 December 1847 in Crowan, Cornwall; he died at Willunga and buried in the Wesleyan Methodist (Uniting) Cemetery, Willunga
  • John (1831-1895) born at Crowan, Cornwall, he died in Western Australia
  • Johanna (1834-1927) born at Crowan, Cornwall, married Peter Williams (1832-1914) on 12 April 1856 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Willunga; she died at Willunga and buried in the Wesleyan Methodist (Uniting) Cemetery, Willunga
  • Eliza Ann (1836-1843) born and died at Crowan, Cornwall
  • Mary Jane (1837-1876) born at Crowan, Cornwall, married Zacharias Williams, (1835-1898) on 6 December 1856 at Adelaide; she died at Willunga

William Watters (48) and Lenora (nee Holman) (47) and eight members of their family arrived in South Australia on 14 April 1848 on board Bolton. This included their 3 younger children John (17), Joanna (14), Mary Jane (10), and  their three older sons –  widower Samuel (25), bachelor William (23) and Stephen (22) with his new wife, Mary Ann (née Davies) (22) and his daughter by his first marriage, Sarah (4)

William Watters was a farmer. He and his son William junior paid £178 for section 743 near Willunga in May 1855. Then on 5 January 1857, William senior bought Section 745, adjoining Section 743, in his own name for £454. William and Lenora lived on the corner of Aldinga Road and Delabole Road (on section 252 and 253) on the western outskirts of Willunga in a house with a thatched roof. He and Lenora Watters lived in the Willunga District for more than 20 years (1848-1870s). He was elected as “Guardian” when the Rechabite Tent ‘The Aurora Australia’ (No. 25 of Albert District) was established in June 1867.

William, aged nearly 72 years, died of Phthisis (Tuberculosis) on 31 March 1872 and Lenora (née Holman), aged 75 years, died on 20 October 1874. They are both buried in the Wesleyan Methodist (Uniting) Church Cemetery in Willunga.


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