Weal, George (Mounted Police)

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George Weal was born in Clare, Ireland in 1828. His father was Robert Weal. Aged 24 years, George arrived in South Australia on board Charlotte Jane from London on 13 January 1852. He arrived with his wife, 29 year old Elizabeth Dunn (1823- ) and two children – Emma aged 10 and Henry aged 1. He was described at arrival as an agricultural labourer. He was Roman Catholic.  George Weal, aged 21 years, had married Elizabeth Dunn, aged 26 years, on 25 April 1849 at St. Marylebone, Westminster, London. They had four children:

  • Emma (b. 1842)
  • Henry (b.1851)
  • Ellen Maria (1852-1853) died aged 15 months at Glen Osmond.
  • Mary Ann (1854) was born in Adelaide.

George Weal served in the Mounted Police at Willunga for more than two years, from 1853 to 1855. He was appointed a constable in the Mounted Division of the South Australian Police in April 1853 and was in Willunga as a Trooper by June 1853. He was promoted to Corporal in January 1854.  Corporal Weal was mentioned most favourably in the Police Commissioners Report dated 31 March 1855 for his “excellent and soldier-like arrangement” in the case of Smith, who was accused of the murder of Mr. Thomas of Willunga (1).  In September 1855, Corporal Weal was tried in the Willunga Court for “False imprisonment” and was accused of being drunk in the Cornwall Inn (2)(formerly on the outskirts of Willunga on Aldinga Road). This was reported to the Commissioner of Police, and he was discharged from the Mounted Police on 21 Sept 1855. He left the town in late 1855, and he was replaced by John Shaw.   A George Weal is listed as a resident of Inman Valley in 1865, but no further trace of him or his family has been found. It is believed that he left the colony.

(1) A “Dreadful Act of “Violence”; The killing of William Thomas is on sale at the Willunga Courthouse and Waverley Park Homestead.

(2) The story of George Weal’s drunken antics can be found in “A gross cases of misconduct”: The Inebriation of Corporal Weal” on sale at the Willunga Courthouse and Waverley Park Homestead.


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