Williams, Peter

Date of Birth/Death:


Principal occupation=Slate quarryman and farmer.

Peter Williams was the second son of Thomas Williams and Honor Wallis. He was born on 25 January 1832 in Crowan, Cornwall. Peter, aged eight years, arrived on 5 February 1840 on board Java with his parents Thomas and Honor Williams and six siblings. Peter, aged 24 years, married Johanna Watters (1833-1927) then aged 22 years at the Wesleyan Mission House at Willunga on 12 April 1856. They had nine children (4 sons and 5 daughters):

  • William Thomas (1857-1942) born at Willunga, married Emma Pointon (c1861-1953) at the Wesleyan Church, Curramulka on 2 April 1885; he died at Curramulka
  • Alfred (1858-1930) Farmer at Curramulka married Charlotte Emma May (1857-1935) on 30 April 1885 at the Wesleyan Church in Mount Barker. Children: Florence Sophia (1889-1944) never married; Annie Gladys (1899-1951) married Samuel Cecil Crawford at Curramulka in 1921. Alfred died at Rose Park in Adelaide
  • Lenora Hannah (1860 -1950) [birth registered as Hannah]; married William Pointon (c1856- ?) at the Wesleyan Church, Willunga in 1883; she died at Kensington Park age 90
  • Sarah Ann (1862 -1952) and is buried in the Uniting Church Cemetery at Willunga; married Thomas McBurney (1858-1942) at the Wesleyan Church, Willunga in 1884 and he is also buried in the Uniting Church Cemetery at Willunga
  • Matilda Jane (1865-1941) married Henry Pointon (c1859-1935) in 1894 at the Residence of AE May, Curramulka; she died in hospital at Minlaton
  • Mary Ellen (1867–1930) born at Willunga, married Arthur Edward May (1854-1939) at the Wesleyan Church, Willunga in 1885; she died at Clarence Park
  • Albert Peter (1869-1945) married Ann Maria Biddle (1874-1957) in 1897 at the residence of Mrs Biddle at Morphett Vale; he died at Hindmarsh West
  • Edith Alice (1873-1960) Unmarried. Died aged 88 years of Goodwood and is buried in the Uniting Church at Willunga
  • James Herbert (1875-1935) married Auguste Lydia Vorwerk (1877-1951) in 1905 at St Mary Church at Edithburgh; he died in hospital in Adelaide

At an early age Peter Williams obtained employment in one of the slate quarries where his father (Thomas senior) was already engaged. In 1853 and again in 1856 he advertised with his brother Zacharias Williams that they had: “taken the slate quarries lately worked by their father, Mr. Thomas Williams, and will supply roofing slates, flagging &c”. Peter was a trustee of the Wesleyan Parsonage in 1852 and he was one of the Methodist circuit stewards. For many years he was involved in Sunday-school work and was co-superintendent of the Willunga school with the late Mr George Sara. He was also elected a Councillor for the Willunga Ward. In 1877 he gave evidence in the Grace Spargo case. Peter Williams and his wife moved from Willunga to Goodwood in about 1901 after more than 60 years in Willunga.

Peter died on 7 October 1914 at Goodwood, South Australia, aged 81 years and he is buried in the Wesleyan Methodist (Uniting Church) Cemetery in Willunga. Johanna died 18 March 1928 at Goodwood aged 94 years and is also buried in the Uniting Church Cemetery at Willunga


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FlickrID=33291540502 – Peter and Johanna Williams (nee Watters)

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