Castle’s General Store, 3 High Street, Willunga

Also known as The Cypress Store, Goode Bros Store.

This store is now part of the Willunga Hotel complex. It was built by James Castle, one of Willunga’s earliest entrepreneurs, who opened it for business around 1852. It predates the original Willunga Hotel building next door (also built by James Castle) by over 16 years.

Castle’s Store was originally a single storey building with a slate roof and verandah frontage to High Street. Attached on the right was a modest cottage, set back from the street, which was probably the residence of the Castle family. James planted several cypress trees in front of the cottage which led to the store being known locally as The Cypress Store.

The Cypress Store was sold to the Goode Brothers, William and Henry, around 1870 when James Castle moved to Adelaide. A second storey added above the store section became the residence of Matthew Goode when he took over as Manager. However the cottage retained its single storey aspect.

Goode Bros Store traded for about 80 years, providing a wide range of items including groceries, kerosene, tobacco, underwear, stockings, and medicine. The business was sold in 1950. In 1976 the building became part of the Willunga Hotel complex.

This building is on the State Heritage Register (SA Heritage Places database #5269).


Ruth Baxendale & Faye Lush Willunga Walks 2012.

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