Glantawe House, 20 St Andrews Terrace, Willunga

Also known as the “House of Slate”.

Glantawe House was built in 1925 for Basil Dunstan, manager of the Willunga-Bangor (later Australian Slate Quarry) Company. It is a large bungalow constructed mainly of panels of sheet slate in heavy timber frames, with some red brick sections. Coursed slate decorates the brick walls, columns and chimneys. The garage walls and fence are built of slab slate panels.

It was designed by his father John Dunstan, an architect who purchased the Bangor Quarry in 1917 and set about reviving the industry. It is believed the 14 roomed bungalow was built to publicise the many uses of slate with partition walls, roof, floors and the verandah all constructed of slate. Basil Dunstan was Clerk of the District Council of Willunga from 1930 to 1963 and his house was at times used as a Council Office, with Council rates paid at a special room at the side of the house.

It is a private residence. This building is on the State Heritage Register (SA Heritage Places database (#5283).


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