Quarrymen’s Residences, 16 St Georges Street, Willunga

Originally this house was two attached cottages, identical in every respect, each with a living room, lean-to kitchen and staircase on the ground floor and bedrooms above. Built of stone and slate, the building has a single-storey facing east and a two-storey frontage to the west. Extensions have been undertaken but the influence of local stone and slate as building materials is still very evident.

They were built in the early 1850s for Cornish quarrymen Nicholas Male senior and Frederick Martin. Nicholas Male and Frederick Martin were related by marriage as they had both married one of the Cobbledick sisters (Margaret and Mary Ann). Nicholas Male, together with his brothers John and Francis, were important quarrymen and quarry owner/operators in the Willunga District in the second half of the 19th century.

In the 1870s the cottages were bought and used as a single dwelling by the Catholic Church to accommodate the Sisters of St Joseph who ran the nearby St Joseph’s Catholic School.

The house was later owned by the Fitzpatrick family from 1912 to 1964.

This building is on the State Heritage Register (SA Heritage Places database #5276)


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