Shop and Residence, 19 Aldinga Road, Willunga

Built in the 1850s of stone and brick with alterations and enlargements in the 1880s, this building forms part of an early streetscape on Aldinga Road, which was originally known as Church Street.

Richard Crafter built his house and shop in the original eastern section which had a slate roof, since replaced with corrugated iron. He was pound-keeper, the town’s first chemist and Secretary of the Oddfellows Lodge before moving to North Adelaide around 1864.

Alfred Hopkins and his wife Elizabeth ran Hopkins’ Store at 19 Aldinga Road from 1864 until about 1878. They had arrived in Willunga by 1862. Alfred was a wheelwright and storekeeper and played an active role in the Willunga community. They had previously had a grocery business in Corio that was sold in 1851 and a shop in Rundle Street, Adelaide that was sold in Nov 1858. It seems that the store closed soon after Alfred’s death in 1878, although this is not certain.

Alfred’s daughter Elizabeth Hopkins inherited her father’s home. She married Charles Mortimer Lipson in February 1879 and the house and garden became their home for many years. The building was substantially enlarged. Charles Lipson ran a commission agency from the building for over 30 years working for the SA Savings Bank and various other companies. He was a Justice of the Peace, Secretary to the Agricultural Society, lay preacher for the Willunga Anglican Church, captain of the Lifeboat crew, ‘funeral director and furnisher’. In the 1880s he was Colour-Sergeant in the Willunga Company of the Volunteer (Military) Force, he was promoted to Lieutenant in 1888 and Captain in March 1889. He was Clerk of the District Council for thirty three years until his retirement in July 1927 and secretary of the Rechabite Tent for more than 50 years. Elizabeth and Charles Lipson lived in Willunga until their deaths in 1933 and 1945 respectively.

The building is on the City of Onkaparinga’s local heritage list (SA Heritage Places database #5467). 19 Aldinga Road features in a regular heritage walk conducted by the Willunga National Trust called the Willunga North Loop.


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