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Paddy’s Row, Adey Road, Whites Valley

Willunga Wirra, St Peters Terrace, Willunga

Binney home, 100 Binney Road, Willunga

Waverley Park Homestead, 23 St Peters Terrace, Willunga

Willunga Hill Motors, cnr. of Brookman and Old Willunga Hill Roads, Willunga

Willunga Hill Kiosk, cnr. Brookman and Old Willunga Hill Roads, Willunga

Cottage, 19 St Judes Street, Willunga

Pettinger Residence (The Gums), 10 Bishop Street, Willunga

Shop and Residence, 15 Aldinga Road, Willunga

Cottage, 37 High Street, Willunga

Cottage, 46 High Street, Willunga

Cottage, 60 High Street, Willunga

Wooden slab shed, Lot 183, St Georges St, Willunga

Cottage, 43 Aldinga Road, Willunga

Bootmaker’s Shop and Residence, 17 Aldinga Road, Willunga

Du Rieu’s Cottage, 13 St Lukes Street, Willunga

Dowty’s Cottage, 41 Aldinga Road, Willunga.

House and Oak Tree, 22 St Georges Street, Willunga

Police Station, 3 Main Road, Willunga

Hawthorne House, 18 Main Road, Willunga

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