The hill at the end of St Andrew’s Terrace in Willunga has an interesting history.

In the 1840s Doctor James McDonald built his house “Prospect Villa” on this hill overlooking the Willunga township.

It was on the summit of the hill and was mid-way between Willunga Town and Willunga South, overlooking the cutting on St Andrew’s Terrace and was near the former Council stone quarry. It was a comfortable house of English architecture with a small room enclosed at each end of the slate verandah in the style of the buildings much in evidence in the early days of the Colony. (It\’s since been replaced by a modern home).

The choice of this hillside site for the doctor’s home, and his important status in the town, resulted in the hill being known as “Doctor’s Hill”. The adjoining Quarry was thus known as the “Quarry on Doctor’s Hill”.

However, the quarry soon became known as the “Council Quarry”. Then George Sara, a builder of Willunga, bought Dr McDonald’s cottage in 1853 when the doctor returned to England. So the name of the hill changed to “Sara’s Hill”.

Later changes of land ownership to the east and west of the road also changed the name of the hill. In  the 1900s it became “Longbottom’s Hill” and later in the 1930s “Vaudrey’s Hill”.

But now it is usually referred to as “up the hill – through the tunnel – to Ross Roses”!!

Written by Geoffrey Vaudrey, circa 1990.

The photo shows Tom Couchman with horse and cart, taken in 1912. Courtesy of Ruth Baxendale.


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